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today, i listened to music that touched me, music that i wanted but could not create.

it was one of the biggest reasons i set up a home studio in the first place.

i just could not get productive. the last few years, the best hours of my days were spent meeting someone else's deadlines.

i could not quit the day job, because i needed the money.

slowly, the home studio went away.

and now slowly, everything else is closing down.

i am watching myself peel away from some of the things i love so much.

i still get a kick out of watching others play it. when it gets unbearable, i indulge for a moment.


i am determined to end this cycle.

so, i am putting myself on the block.

somebody once said,

i have no intention to be a superhero. i just want to play my music, my way.

hear this: my life, is the life of a singapore musician.

i am not going to think of the end, just the journey.

many times, there are just so many tears that i could not let out.

i got so frustrated and i lost my mind, i lost my way.

i got one thing to say: to HELL with everything.

i can give up everything, put everything away. be nothing


样貌操劳,整天跑上下 象一个疯人,满身的汗,没水喝,没饭吃,不用紧.