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After a long wait, my copy of the live recording and performance by Wolfgang Muthspiel & Brian Blade arrived in the mail, much to my great excitement (and slight fear)

In 2007, the two friends met up in Austria and collaborated on a series of live recordings & performances culminating in a duo project called 'Friendly Travelers Live'.

The DVD extra contained a 'Talk on Tour', where both of them talk about the project, where it came from, their ideas and inspirations. What being a musician means to them.

One can sense the chemistry, love and respect between them. While Muthspiel appears to be the ideas, Blade is the prober, the channeler who funnels them through all the peaks and valleys, and often into a tremendous end.

They talk about meeting up again, and Muthspiel suggests this time, they not have a plan beforehand, or write and prepare any tunes. Instead, just play and see what comes out of it.

This song is titled "Vallekilde", a Danish town where they met, as Blade puts it, "when they were both students, and teachers. The way I look at it."

This one titled "Gnadenwald" is one of my favourites on the record.