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Apple MacBook Air

wired's rumoured macbook airCollapse )

10 hours later.. it appears that photoshopped macbook concepts weren't that far from the real thing:

staring at 80s music videos on youtube made me sit up one late night.

i saw some of it when i was small. i still am captured by their imagination.

it was simple and captivating, and i was always thinking of the thought engine that led to this.

i didn't realise it then, the 80s must have been rather seedy and turbulent. it really was quite dark, even though a lot of the music was bubblegum and elevator.

i thought the lyrics were functional, some of them hit me now like a ton of bricks.

i stayed on this line for awhile when i was a teenager - ten people may read the same book, or watch the same film, but they can have very different experiences and convictions about it.

thats the thing, it does not mean as much to someone else as it means to you.

and twenty years do not seem that long ago, especially when you play back that song and it still sounds the same, even though you were kicking back from school that afternoon and first heard it when you slotted in the cassette.

the other thing that i wondered, were i to meet someone from back then. would the feeling still be the same?

Cloudiness 4:46

i loved you for what you were, and i hated you for what you turned into.

but u grew, as i did.

and your songs grew with me, as did their place in my heart.

accustomed to your bitterness, listening to niraikanai, is like hearing you in another place, brighter, calmer.

it is not summer easily earned, 37 years in the making. But it makes me grateful, knowing that you can sound this warm.


more than meets the eye

in the aftermath of the 2007 Transformers movie, i find myself looking back and reminiscing about the other transformers movie, made in 1986.

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drumstick stash

while clearing out stuff, i found a huge stash of my old drumsticks.

stuff went through my mind with every pair, especially the older ones. as a keepsake, i'll write about them.

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tama goh's words

on that day, it was obvious he was feeling it and raring to go at the audience.

i am writing this down because I know I'm going to forget some of it as the years go by. and i've had to paraphrase some of the words, because i've forgotten some of it already.

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Sony VAIO G11 (Type G in Japan)

i was super enthused when Sony introduced the Vaio Type G in japan and spent considerable time eyeballing it n.n

now several months later, they've launched it as the G1/G11 in Europe.

Popgadget has a pretty good write-up

the limited edition looks kinda nice too

what i like most about it is that it weighs a whisker under a kilogram (992 grams to be exact), inclusive of dvd-rewritable drive and a 6-hour battery life. i definitely would not mind adding on another hundred grams of weight for a larger capacity battery, giving it a 12-hour battery life.

my Samsung Q35 still feels heavy to lug around (its 1.9kg) especially during long days at work and school.

i'd certainly love to lug one of these on the go in the future..

he calls it the 'iphone'

the thing that jobs pulled out earlier... is a phone/ipod/micro PC of some sort

i was trying hard to imagine how it worked last night (there were text-only live updates) and this page show it all too clearly *.*!

the technology itself has a lot of similarities with this thing a whole bunch of us put up recently. things are mixed up, its going nuts... i wonder what all this is going to lead to..

New Yukihiro signature snare drum!!

Woah yuki is so cool *_* he turning gawth sia O_O;;

he had a hammered brass piccolo previously, i'm so curious how this would sound like being an aluminium snare user myself (not really into the piccolo thing though... but yuki is yuki i guess n.n)

more info here

[edit]ishibashi doesn't stock it yet...[/edit]